About Andrew

Past & Present

I lived and studied in Cape Town, South Africa, before moving to Canada in 2008. I have divided my time between training and production work, always with a focus on aesthetically pleasing and well-coded work which is current to trend without being trendy.


I have worked on numerous projects, full time and contract, doing design, development, and all the things in-between over the years. I like to work on rich, interactive websites or tools that consider functionality and usability above all else. Code and design should be kept clean and as re-workable as possible.


I use HTML5 and CSS3 to create effective, responsive websites and applications. I often start my process with wireframes, using Balsamiq for very low-level ones and preferring Axure for something of greater complexity. I continue my process with mockups created in Photoshop or Illustrator, which I have a high level of skill using.

Backend Development

My daily work is based primarily around prototyping and creating code for final production, so I am working with JQuery on a daily basis, with a focus on desktop software. I have built numerous custom WordPress themes to suit the specific needs of clients, I am expert at website to WordPress conversions. I make extensive use of WordPress in my current daily work, and related PHP code.

More Info

More detailed information is available on my LinkedIn profile.